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Website Design and Development

Offbeat is the new cool. Bring character to your website with funky and fresh visual elements that vibe out creativity to bring your ideas to life. Our squad of web developers help you make more out of your website with wicked web based applications.

We explore all avenues to ensure your website fits to all platforms and rolls out dynamic new technologies to make it an outta--this-world experience.


Business without marketing equals singing in outer space. You know what you're doing but no one's going to hear you. We believe in creating an interactive space where not only your audience hear from you but you hear from them as well.

Our integrated marketing strategy brings the best of digital and real-world resources to give you wheels to reach your audience. If you're looking to launch a brand, product, service, you-name-it, we've got you covered with our marketing plans to get your business off the ground.


"What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself." Someone was wise enough to quote it and we're wise enough to follow. Winning an olympic medal is success, making a documentary about it is PR. Building up and maintaining an image with your audience is key to make your business roar, because impressions stay even when profits don't.

Our shelf of PR services covers developing and management of blogs, newsletters and brochures which allows you to shout out your achievements to your audience and to establish a communique with them.

Social Media

If popularity was a train, then we'd only be getting on bullet trains, because fast popularity is the only kind there is. Look beyond the 500 million tweets and 4 billion likes on Facebook pouring in on any given day; and you'd find that social media also wears the hat of a marketing platform among its many others.

Our social media campaigns using targeted mixed media advertisements are tailor-made to rocket your brand or product across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Youtube. With immense viewership and an unmatched brand presence, we help you get ahead of the pack by developing strong customer relationship.


The arrival of digital times was made clear when we replaced our analog clocks with digital ones. Our hunger to trek beyond the digital frontiers has found us new venues for marketing your business. In this digital age when search engines have replaced yellow pages, we come with tricks of the trade to help you reach top of the search engine results and ensure that you stay on top.

  • Content and email marketing
  • Shine that extra limelight on your content with our content marketing strategies. Whether its blogs, vlogs or social media content, we help you put on your show for the whole world! How you present yourself is how you choose the world to receive you. So let the world receive you with cheers and sign-ups with our targeted and catchy email marketing campaigns to help you reach your business to more inboxes.

  • Analytics Reporting and Database Management
  • Get to know where your customers queue up or skedaddle, what fancies them and don't. Our analytics database carve a 'sphere of intrests' of your audience so you get to know them better, while our analytics solutions turn insights into actions and engage the audience more in your product or business.

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and Remarketing
  • Drive in traffic and potential buyers to your website with appealing and spot on Pay Per Click ads while our Remarketing campaigns target previous visitors to your website to create buyers out of the audience.

  • Content Development
  • 'Quality, not quantity' is the motto we go by here. Get innovative and creative writings for your blogs, articles, press releases and promotional web content. Boost your business with search engine optimized content while you rule the roost and make followers.

  • SEO Audits and Strategy development
  • Our eye for detail lets you keep in check on how your website is faring in search results and social media platforms with our SEO audits. Step into the expressway with our SEO strategy where we chart out your course and drive you up the search engine results.

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • We carry out keyword research and analysis for your website to figure out latest consumer behaviour and trends related to your business so your website could keep in pace with the market to reach the fingertips of your buyers, ASAP!

  • Link building audits
  • With our link building audits that check whether your website is linked strongly to other websites, you take a step to come up in search engine rankings.

  • Guidance for redesign and SEO quality assurance
  • If you're looking to make your website the next big thing, then you're going to need a brand new suit for your website. And we've got the latest wardrobe of website designs to suit your business! Change your website's appearance and the way it receives your audience with our quality assurance guidance for SEO of your website.

  • Competitive analysis
  • We keep our friends close and our competitions closer! Our competitive analysis probes through the website of your competitors to see what they're upto and we add the wheels to get you a mile ahead of your competition.


Smack some attitude into your business. From basic logo design to positioning and awareness of your brand, choose to launch your brand into the widest of audience with our branding strategies where we bring into play social media and other online resources to manage your branding campaigns.